Anthony’s work is amazing. I endured a few traumatic experiences back to back which threw me into depression. A friend recommended his services. I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy but I was desperate to get back to being happy again so I said what the heck I have nothing to lose only gain. And sure enough, I scheduled 3 appointments (3 weeks) and WOW. All I can say is I’m glad I listened to my friend. He did an amazing job with me and my particular situation. I’ll def be back and I definitely would and have recommended him to others.

Jessica S.

I was skeptical that hypnotherapy could work. I called around to a lot of different people before I chose to work with Anthony. I cannot recommend him enough. He is amazing and has helped me change my life for the better. He is professional, yet personable. He is kind, yet firm. His services really go above and beyond. He explains everything so you completely understand. I went in for one issue and ended up resolving several. Seriously – he’s awesome.

Erin D.

I started to see Anthony about 6 years ago to help me quit smoking and to enhance my concentration. We had 6 sessions and I stopped smoking ever since. My ability to focus in school and work has increased tremendously. Additionally, he also discovered and worked on some rooted issues that caused me to smoke and brought me awareness to a healthy lifestyle. Time fast forward to 2018, I lost three of my family members and I was in a very dark place in my life. I reached out to Anthony instead of seeking for the traditional counseling and antidepressant medication. It has only been 4 sessions so far but I feel the dark cloud has lifted off of me and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can finally enjoy my life again at peace. I can’t thank Anthony enough for saving my life (I know he doesn’t like me to say that but it’s the truth). I highly recommend to see Anthony if you are tired being hopeless and ready to make a change of your life.

Angela F.

I have been coming to Anthony just over 5 years. I come about 2-3 times a year, for what I would call a tune up. I seem to stay on track and then fall off. Anthony has helped keep me focused. He is a very good listener, takes his time with his thoughts before suggesting plan for you.

Mike K.

I was referred to Anthony by a mutual friend. The Reiki sessions and hypnotherapy sessions have been very effective. Anthony has helped me deal more effectively with my emotions, and as a result reducing my anxiety.This man is not only a great hypnotherapist, but an example of a true human being. I’m blessed to have him as a friend.

Kian K.

There is a lot of good that could be said about Anthony. He truly has a talent for what he does. And actually cares about your success! You will leave feeling clear and motivated! Highly recommended!

Lance U.

I have worked with Anthony for over two months. His methods are very effective in reinforcing positive habits and gradually building on the prior week’s lesson. His impact on my life has been incredible, in my personal relationships, professionally, and most of all reflected in how confident, strong, and focused I feel at the beginning of each day. The therapy and work we have done together is much more than hypnosis — it includes valuable one on one discussions, advice, and Anthony frequently checking in on my progress by phone. It’s honestly a rare thing for someone to genuinely care about their patients and truly love their craft and Anthony is such a person. I’d recommend him for a friend dealing with anything, because regardless of specific issues, he works amazingly on training the subconscious mind and uncovering the root causes of problems.

Serge S.

Anthony is genuine, trustworthy, reliable, truly cares about the success of his clients, and goes the extra mile. He’s a true professional. He has a brand-new office that has a great vibe, setup, and atmosphere. I’ve been a client since 2017, and continue to be impressed by his true expertise in hypnotherapy and the Healing Arts. He’s 100% a leader in his industry and a master of his craft. Whether you’re working towards massive goals, or are healing from a bump on the road- Anthony is the right guy to help. Schedule your first hypnotherapy appointment with Anthony Torres, you won’t regret it.

Jad S.

I had the great pleasure of being under the guidance of Anthony Torres in hypnotherapy. The experience was nothing less than magical to say the least. Anthony’s counsel was not only caring and extremely effective, but his talent for doctoring the unconscious mind went well beyond my expectations. His imaginative ability and layered accuracy in the suggestive portions of the process took my visions and dreams to new and profound levels of conception and I am attracting the results of our work at current. Mr. Torres is indeed a true master of the workings of the mind, an impassioned counselor and healer of the highest degree. Sincerely, Benjamin

Benjamin C.

I had come to accept that I had flaws in which the people who became close with me would simply need to endure. I was a lost cause…until I met Anthony. In just one session I saw results, and by the time I finished working with him, I was a changed woman! It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a dramatic impact on one’s well-being. Not only am I able to live with more clarity, but also his work has boiled over and is motivating me in other areas of my life. I left his sessions feeling elated and rejuvenated, eager to organize my life. Plus, he is so easy to talk to; I often needed to remind myself that I was speaking with my hypnotherapist and not my friend. If I had the funds, I would definitely continue seeing him forever because I honestly think he has the ability to turn me into a superstar. Also, I have the feeling that hypnotherapy is just one piece of himself that he has to offer.


I was dubious of hypnotherapy, yet battling an issue that pushed me to discovering Anthony. I thank my lucky stars everyday because he is incomparable and undeniably one of the best in his field nationwide!! Anthony instilled in me the valuable belief and confidence I needed to push through a very difficult time of my life. He shattered my self-limiting perceptions in ever so gentle and compassionate way, releasing fears and anxieties, and replacing them with crystallized goals that were constantly reinforced. He allowed me to see me as I could be, and then facilitated my getting there. Anthony is a master of his art – and I have only the highest of recommendation for him. Through his intelligence, vision and ability to cut to the truth, he will direct you towards the life that is your birthright, and give you the wings to be the person you are meant to be. He is worth 10x more than what you will pay

Melissa M.

Anthony is a truly great therapist who is present and very gifted at tuning in to what is going on at the core of one’s being. I highly recommend people tune into Anthony and his services if they are ready to reverse negative patterns, habits, and lifestyle choices. I really can’t say enough about how effective the therapy has been for me in my life.

Atom F.

I am always inspired by people who are doing what they were clearly born to do. And Anthony is definitely one of these people who are really talented and tapped into his gifts. I love the way his help goes beyond the sessions. The work he does sticks with you and helps you get to your goals. He also gives suggestions of things to work on outside of the sessions to make the work he does even that more rewarding. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting more money in your life, a better relationship, health, motivation to achieve specific goals… he really works wonders. A recommend Anthony to everyone. And it couldn’t come with higher praise

Allana A.

I learned so much from my session with Anthony, he told me exactly what I needed to hear. He was right about everything he said about my specific situation and everything I was dealing at the moment, so it certainly gave me faith about the healing process I’ve being into. It’s been so helpful and I feel so much better now. Thank you so much!

Alejandra C.

Anthony is absolutely amazing! Not only has he made a tremendous change in my life but I took away so much knowledge, tools and lessons that I will remember and apply for the rest of my life. I highly recommend him because he goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals and I am confident that he would make a big impact on anyone that is open and ready for it.

Margarita S.

I met Anthony after I had quit my $60k a year job and broke up with my girlfriend. I was going through a bad string of jobs, and I knew if I didn’t get my mind right, I would keep having the same issues in life. (Jobs that I didn’t like, relationships that didn’t match.) Anthony worked with me, and despite my best efforts to sabotage the process, a year later I’m working a job that I really enjoy and I’m making $120k a year. At the time of this writing, we’ve just started working on getting me into a solid relationship. After the struggle and resolution of this last year (Dec 2013-Dec 2014), I’m feeling pretty confident that everything is going to be fine. Whatever Anthony does, it worked/is working for me. I highly recommend his services to anyone that would like to upgrade their quality of life. I’ve said thanks to Anthony a bunch of times, but there really is no way for me to appropriately thank him. Thanks again, Anthony.

Aaron O.

After years of traditional therapy, I began to think that going to these appointments was just a crutch, that no real healing was possible. A friend of mine recommended I try hypnotherapy and try it with Anthony- and everyday I am grateful. He approaches you with total wellness in mind. He will help you figure out a diet plan, subscribe you homework (you will actually enjoy doing), and over a short period of time and with your commitment- HE WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS! Anthony has helped me to take major steps forward in my career, personal life, and health. SUCCESS has come to me in waves ever since being his patient. If you are serious about your life, your goals and your happiness- there is no better healer than Anthony! Hypnotherapy Client

Allie W.

I have gone to Anthony 3 times this year for Angel healing. Wow, what a experience. This has been a hard year for me and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was happening emotionally or why I was getting bummed. I did an Angel healing where he asks the angels questions .. many questions & they give him answers about what is going on inside my body. At the time of one of our readings, I had conflict inside because I was talking to someone alot who I had a feeling was not the most positive influence on me but we were such close friends I couldn’t come out and say it. I had a feeling but couldn’t accept the truth. I didn’t say anything to Anthony about it. He asked the angels what they wanted to focus on inside of me and they said “Soul” They wanted to work on my “lack of trust” and then went on to let me know someone is in my life who I think is showing me Care & Concern when the truth is they are showing deception & sabotage. He also has them look into your heart to see how full of love it has and mine was 60% depleted. I used to do Volunteer work and the last few months I have not been involved at all and was always wondering “why don’t I care anymore”? and many more things that I used to have passion & love for and was just not feeling anything. So that was crazy how he/they were able to pinpoint those major things in my life and ask the angels to heal them. I have SO much more I can say but that gives you the jist – Anthony is a wonderful person with such a loving, caring soul. I consider him a good friend. I am a different person since I started going to him at the beginning of the year. Open your heart and your mind and give it a try … I can’t wait to go back in a few months.


Anthony helped me through the most traumatic experience of my life 8 months ago. Something that seemed like the end of the world for me actually became the catalyst for all of the healing I had been cultivating for myself for years. The gifts and wisdom Anthony gave to me have carried on in my everyday life since. My sessions at Your Turn Hypnosis were so powerful that once certain things clicked in my brain, it was a natural path that unfolded in front of me, each choice being a clear conscious choice from then on. I was reminded of my own power and ability to love myself, and realize my true healing abilities for others as well. I am forever grateful!

Lindsay T.

Whether you are struggling with PTSD, quitting smoking or just want to elevate your life and need a lil push to help achieve your goals, Anthony is just the person to help you do that. I went to Anthony for immediate help in some areas of life I was struggling. I got more than I expected and now I see him periodically just to get that lil push to achieve some lofty life goals. It’s crazy to think how powerful his techniques really are in making positive and dramatic life changes.

Jeff B.

Anthony is a kind and good soul. Thank you Anthony for sharing your healing gifts with us. We often do not realize how much we are affected mentally, emotionally and physically by life’s trials and tribulations. Thanks to our last session Anthony, I feel like a bowling ball has been lifted off my abdomen and I am more balanced and have more clarity.

Diane K.

The best there is. If you are looking for sports hypnotherapy to be your very best. Anthony is the man. Period. I’ve only had a few sessions and I can already see a major improvement in my mental game. He is caring and goes the extra mile for his clients. So if you are looking to shift your mental game 180 degrees I highly recommend you contact him. Your life is waiting…….

Dale S.

I have been seeing Anthony Since December 2017. I had an iatrogenic brain injury from a medication that was given to me by my gastroenterologist. The recovery was traumatic and left me physically, mentally and emotionally disabled. I thought my life of 43 years was over. After spending thousands of dollars and several months going from specialist to specialist, I received a referral from a friend who had used Anthony services for hypnotherapy. I was so desperate at this point that i made the call and after speaking with him over the phone I knew this person could help me. I made an appointment soon after. Anthony was extremely thorough and listened to all my concerns. He spent 3 hours with me obtaining my history and doing an initial evaluation. He educated me on my condition and constructed a plan that would consist of nutritional, therapy and alternative healing. Within weeks I was starting to see the improvements. He was extremely attentive and would message me daily in between sessions to check on my progress. Never did he ask me for money or charge me for these extra services. He truly does it out of the goodness of his heart and his dedication to his work. I have never met anyone like him and am truly blessed and grateful that he took me on as his client. It has been 14 months now and I am almost healed from my horrible experience. Anthony has been with me every step of the way seeing me through my ordeal and giving me the tools and care that I need to fully recover from my ordeal and move on with my life. Because of him I have changed my lifestyle completely. This had been life changing for me and I truly feel that if it was not for Anthony I would have never made it through. I will forever use his services for as long as they are available and encourage anyone who is looking for guidance, healing, coaching, therapy or any alternative methods to conventional medicine to give him a call. He will change your life!

Monica S.

Anthony has helped me TREMENDOUSLY, so I can speak free and clearly now. I was stuttering all my life before that. In the process we addressed numerous other issues. As a result my life has improved many times over and still getting better and better.

Alex P.