Hypnotherapy Session Flow


When coming in to see me for a Hypnotherapy session you can expect the First session to be 6 main steps.

The 1st part of your beginning treatment you will be filling out intake forms and we have a chance to say our meet & greet and direct you to the restroom if needed.

The 2nd process is us taking as much time as needed to understand what is on the presenting issue section of the intake form. I’m understanding what is going on with you through that first part of the session so we are both on the same page as to what you are looking to get worked out by working together. I’ll be asking you as many questions, in as many different ways as possible, so that I understand your goals or what the presenting problem is and its history.

I will then explain how everything we have discussed has affected you subconsciously. as well the solutions we have in front of us to use to bring about some progress for why you came in.

The 3rd part of the session is for us to discuss what you do or don’t already know about hypnosis and the mind. I take this stage of the process to explain to you what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. The reason we explain what it isn’t is because often people have misunderstandings about the nature of hypnosis. From there I explain to you what the 4 areas of mind are, and how Hypnosis works within the Mind and body connection.

The 4th part of the hypnotherapy session I will be testing your subconscious receptivity. We call this your suggestibility. We go through a few different types of suggestibility tests, one being through testing the responsiveness of your body towards suggestions and after that we go through a questionnaire. All of this helps me to understand if you mind is most receptive to literal suggestions or if you respond better to inferred or indirect suggestion.  

The 5th part of the hypnosis session we will begin to work together and get you into the state of hypnosis.

Once in the state of hypnosis we move into the 6th stage of your First hypnosis session. This is where we will be assisting your subconscious mind body to relax more deeply and strengthen your receptivity to positive suggestions. I then begin what is called the suggestive therapy at the subconscious level. This is  while you are there very comfortably relaxed in the state of hypnosis listening to my words and working interactively within your own mind using your inner senses. We use as much repetition and use of positive suggestions to get the new ideas and or ways of feeling deeply into your subconscious.

Once we complete all the ‘in-state’ suggestive work together then I count you out of the state of hypnosis. From here we take a little time to discuss post treatment support, homework or elements of the session that are could to reinforce before you go.

Lastly we get payment complete (unless you have done that through the site before hand) and then we take care of rescheduling your next treatment. If I don’t have a client right behind you I’ll typically walk you out with any final comments that may come to mind,   

Before Session Directions

Before a Hypnotherapy session there are a few things to keep in mind. One, if you’d like to do things before hand, all of the pre-session intake forms are found here on the site and you are welcome to download them and print them, fill them out and bring them with you. Or not, and just come in 5 to 10 minutes early if possible and let me know you will be filling out all intake forms upon arrival, and I will make sure to have them ready for you to fill out once you get there.

The 2nd thing we want to keep in mind is making SURE to eat a solid square protein-oriented meal before you come in. This stands for every session, but especially the first session. Eating a solid meal allows your mind and body to have the most suitable connection for doing subconscious growth work in hypnosis. My treatments are always between an hour and 2.5 hours and we are utilizing a lot of mental reflective energy as well as communicative energy. So EAT super good before you come in.


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To download and print forms CLICK HERE

Post Session Directions

After your Hypnotherapy session just allow yourself to enjoy a good night's sleep and follow any post treatment instructions that we may have discussed. If there is any homework, just knock it out as we discussed and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you the following week.

Screening for Hypnotherapy Clients

As Clinical Hypnotherapist we operate under the guidelines of vocational or avocational self-improvement. As Hypnotherapy has grown over time, so to as well has its applications. As a professional Hypnotherapist with a general practice the last ten years I have helped people of many varying presenting issues. On some occasions a client will have a presenting issue that is tied to a previous medical or psychological diagnosis from another professional. In this situation I will need the contact information for your primary care physician that diagnosed you or prescribed your medication. This allows me to send them a medical referral letter to have signed stating consent to see you and become your Hypnotherapist. If this is the case for you, when we get in contact for your pre-session scheduling consultation, please have your Doctors information ready. 

Before scheduling your Hypnotherapy treatment please contact me so we can discuss your presenting issue and your history. I look forward to speaking with you.


As a Hypnotherapist I reserve the right to decline working with clients who have presenting issues or goals for the therapy that do not fit with my morals or principles, or that are outside of my scope such as schizophrenia. I have had people ask me to help them with some of the most outlandish stuff and that is not what I am in business to participate in.