• I actually found Anthony Torres through YELP. Having reached out to other hypnotherapists in my search, I realized during the course of our initial phone call how compassionate, ethical and committed Anthony is to his patients and his practice.  During our sessions, issues I had been facing for more than twenty years were vastly improved. Personal obstacles I believed I might never overcome were tackled and resolved. I will definitely continue to see Anthony from time to time because I never want to stop learning from him.  My sessions with Anthony have done more for my personal development than any other resource I have previously sought. To really see change in your life…see Anthony.Laurie S.

  • After receiving a health diagnosis that required surgery, I went to see Anthony. He gave me an angel healing, my first ever from anyone. Have to say I was extremely impressed with his skilled intuitive insight. It was an incredible experience and began my healing on so many levels. It opened me back up spiritually. I appreciated his respectful nature in utilizing my belief system along with his and explaining everything thoroughly along the way. He is humble and truly desires to help people. He certainly has a uniquely special gift. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will be back for more of his services. My gratitude for his kindness and help runs deep. – Melissa P.

  • I started to see Anthony about 6 years ago to help me quit smoking and to enhance my concentration. We had 6 sessions and I stopped smoking ever since. My ability to focus in school and work has increased tremendously. Additionally, he also discovered and worked on some rooted issues that caused me to smoke and brought me awareness to a healthy lifestyle.  Angela F.

  • I have been seeing Anthony Since December 2017. I had an iatrogenic brain injury from a medication that was given to me by my gastroenterologist. The recovery was traumatic and left me physically, mentally and emotionally disabled. I thought my life of 43 years was over. After spending thousands of dollars and several months going from specialist to specialist, I received a referral from a friend who had used Anthony services for hypnotherapy. I was so desperate at this point that i made the call and after speaking with him over the phone I knew this person could help me. I made an appointment soon after. Anthony was extremely thorough and listened to all my concerns. He spent 3 hours with me obtaining my history and doing an initial evaluation. He educated me on my condition and constructed a plan that would consist of nutritional, therapy and alternative healing. Within weeks I was starting to see the improvements. He was extremely attentive and would message me daily in between sessions to check on my progress. Never did he ask me for money or charge me for these extra services. He truly does it out of the goodness of his heart and his dedication to his work. I have never met anyone like him and am truly blessed and grateful that he took me on as his client. It has been 14 months now and I am almost healed from my horrible experience. Anthony has been with me every step of the way seeing me through my ordeal and giving me the tools and care that I need to fully recover from my ordeal and move on with my life. Because of him I have changed my lifestyle completely. This had been life changing for me and I truly feel that if it was not for Anthony I would have never made it through. I will forever use his services for as long as they are available and encourage anyone who is looking for guidance, healing, coaching, therapy or any alternative methods to conventional medicine to give him a call. He will change your life! Jessica S

  • Anthony’s work is amazing. I endured a few traumatic experiences back to back which threw me into depression. A friend recommended his services. I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy but I was desperate to get back to being happy again so I said what the heck I have nothing to lose only gain. And sure enough, I scheduled 3 appointments (3 weeks) and WOW. All I can say is I’m glad I listened to my friend. He did an amazing job with me and my particular situation. I’ll def be back and I would and have recommended him to other.  Jessica S

  • Whether you are struggling with PTSD, quitting smoking or just want to elevate your life and need a lil push to help achieve your goals, Anthony is just the person to help you do that. I went to Anthony for immediate help in some areas of life I was struggling. I got more than I expected and now I see him periodically just to get that lil push to achieve some lofty life goals. It’s crazy to think how powerful his techniques really are in making positive and dramatic life changes.  Jeff B

  • There is a lot of good that could be said about Anthony. He truly has a talent for what he does. And actually cares about your success! You will leave feeling clear and motivated! Highly recommended! Lace K.

  • Law school is tough, any law student will tell you that. But for some, we had to go through a sort of baptism by fire called the Baby Bar. With a pass rate hovering a little over 20%, there is nothing cute, small, or babyish about it. It is a tough exam. Anthony is a truly gifted hypnotherapist who works from his heart but with surgical precision when shooting for his client’s objectives. His approach and techniques helped me attain my peak performance in exam taking. My scores rose dramatically almost immediately after the first session. My mind, energy and attitude were completely focused on passing the exam. By the day of the Baby Bar, I had the confidence and assurance that I have all that I needed to pass the test. I did it! Thanks to Anthony’s help. If you are facing anything that requires extreme focus, Anthony’s services is a definite game-changer! Once again I used hypnotherapy service as part of my preparations for my latest exams… And it is has proven its worth to me … Passed my midterms with flying colors … Thanks Anthony! Maurine K.

  • I have worked with Anthony for over two months for a substance abuse issue. His methods are very effective in reinforcing positive habits and gradually building on the prior week’s lesson. His impact on my life has been incredible, in my personal relationships, professionally, and most of all reflected in how confident, strong, and focused I feel at the beginning of each day. The therapy and work we have done together is much more than hypnosis — it includes valuable one on one discussions, advice, and Anthony frequently checking in on my progress by phone. It’s honestly a rare thing for someone to genuinely care about their patients and truly love their craft and Anthony is such a person. I’d recommend him for a friend dealing with anything, because regardless of specific issues, he works amazingly on training the subconscious mind and uncovering the root causes of problems. Serge S.

  • I did a Reiki session here and it was very relaxing. I didn’t know what to expect but Anthony is very good at making you feel at ease. The office is very comfortable and professional. The next day I just felt a sense of well being and for a high strung girl like myself it is a very big deal. I recommend everyone try it. Everyone could use a little sense of wellness. Ari M.

  • I am always inspired by people who are doing what they were clearly born to do. And Anthony is definitely one of these people who are really talented and tapped into his gifts. I love the way his help goes beyond the sessions. The work he does sticks with you and helps you get to your goals. He also gives suggestions of things to work on outside of the sessions to make the work he does even that more rewarding. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting more money in your life, a better relationship, health, motivation to achieve specific goals… he really works wonders. A recommend Anthony to everyone. And it couldn’t come with higher praise. Alanna A.

  • Anthony is absolutely amazing! Not only has he made a tremendous change in my life but I took away so much knowledge, tools and lessons that I will remember and apply for the rest of my life. I highly recommend him because he goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals and I am confident that he would make a big impact on anyone that is open and ready for it. Margarita S.

  • Anthony helped me through his hypnotherapy practice to be able to do public speaking about my profession as a chiropractor. Before seeing Anthony I would get very nervous and have anxiety whenever I do public speaking. After seeing Anthony I was able to speak in front of a large audience easily with a standing ovation following. I am very thankful for his help and guidance and would recommend his services to any and all performers and people who have the desire to be in the public eye or do public speaking. Iris Williams

  • “For anyone who has reservations about hypnotherapy, I get it. Walking into my first appointment with Anthony, I was terrified that I’d be hypnotized to quack like a duck as a means to “discovering the true problem.” Alas, no quacking was involved. Anthony, showed me with diagrams, had many conversations, and explained his process of treating patients, and that the best and most effective therapy is a whole-approach therapy. He explained how the hypnosis would help us achieve this by rewriting the subconscious scripts that currently stood in the way of my wellness. Anthony also treated my issues with his nutritional background, and added a healthy amount of talk-therapy, before I’d even “go under”. I always knew that I was in the hands of someone who took my wellness seriously and wanted me to make lasting changes in my life. Here I am, a year later and I feel stronger and more secure, happiness is a constant in my life, prosperity is on my horizon, and the authenticity of my life is a mainstay. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, than Anthony is your therapist. Anthony will provide you with all the tools necessary to achieve your goals. I’ll be forever grateful that Anthony came into my life as a healer, hypnotherapist, and friend. Allie W.

  • I was referred to Anthony by a mutual friend. The Reiki sessions and hypnotherapy sessions have been very effective. Anthony has helped me deal more effectively with my emotions, and as a result reducing my anxiety.I had several hypnotherapy and reiki sessions with Anthony which helped me tremendously with my condition. Knowing Anthony gave me a new hope…. I once again believed that there are still people in this world that REALLY care. Thank you for being such an amazing human being. This man is not only a great hypnotherapist, but an example of a true human being. I’m blessed to have him as a friend. Kian K.

  • I was a newcomer in LA when I met Anthony. Struggling financially, through serendipitous events, I was led to Anthony as one of his practice clients for his final graduation. The minute we conversed on the phone I could tell this man approached healing my fears with same dedication a hedge fund banker would a massive investment. His drive, commitment, vision and single-minded focus on helping me with a painful experience not only renewed my faith, but gave me 1000% confidence that I would heal and move on. He painted a light at the end of the tunnel and then led me there. Anthony`s knowledge, wisdom and intellect, along with his compassion, nurturing and warmth gets straight to the core of the matter, bringing awareness and therefore understanding and release. Do not hesitate with your life, keep an open mind and hand your ego over so your true potential and truth may be revealed. Sometimes we all need help from a professional – Anthony was the man that got me there and I give him my highest recommendation of excellence. Melissa M.

  • You will never meet a more talented, devoted, and caring individual. Anthony goes above and beyond to help his clients. When I first started seeing him, I was extremely unhappy with the person I had become but lacked the willpower to do anything about it. Anthony helped me to understand that I was the one in control of my life and that the power to change had always been within me. The numerous techniques he taught me continue to help me every day and are gifts that I will always treasure. Thank you Anthony for being an inspirational hypnotherapist and friend! Joshua B.

  • Anthony Torres has been working with me for the past year with assisting me in bringing peace with my family. He has shared his experience in hypnotherapy and Tera Mai with me and it has changed my life permanently for the good. Not only has he dramatically helped me bring peace into my family life but he has helped strengthen my spirit along with many others. He still continues to share priceless tools for transformation with me and I am always excited to learn from his experience. The tools he has shared I use on a regular basis because they are effective and work and are rare to come across. I look forward to continuing our journey and I am forever grateful for all that you have shared and contributed so selflessly in my life and my family and many of my friends that have worked with you. I would recommend everyone and anyone to Anthony for healing and transformation and recreating your dreams and the life you deserve. Thanks for sharing all your advice, tools, wisdom and most of all your huge genuine heart. Nadia T. Founder of the Seeds of Life Premier Detox Center

  • “My interest in hypnotherapy began in an attempt to find a relief from my chronic insomnia, which had not responded to any other form of treatment. Anthony’s considerable talent and experience in delving into my past experiences and family history led to many painful, as well as joyous, revelations that brought a relief of my symptoms and a greater confidence in my ability to create change in my life. Through the use of hypnosis and Anthony’s expertise in a host of mind, body and spirit modalities, I was able to chart the steady positive changes in my relationships with family, friends, my work environment and my place in this world. I have now been provided with useful tools and amazing advice that will keep me on track to continue reaching for the healthiest version of myself I can become. I’m on my way, Anthony! Many thanks to you.”– Joan N.

  • I had the great pleasure of being under the guidance of Anthony Torres in hypnotherapy. The experience was nothing less than magical, to say the least. Anthony’s counsel was not only caring and extremely effective, but his talent for doctoring the unconscious mind went well beyond my expectations. His imaginative ability and layered accuracy in the suggestive portions of the process took my visions and dreams to new and profound levels of conception and I am attracting the results of our work at current. Mr. Torres is indeed a true master of the workings of the mind, an impassioned counselor and healer of the highest degree. Sincerely, Benjamin Ciaramello- Benjamin C.

Hypnosis, apart from what many people think, is a very normal day to day experience we all are hard wired for automatically. Hypnosis is like a version of that thousand-yard stare you get after a long hard days’ work. We Hypnotherapist refer to that as Environmental Hypnosis. 

The state of hypnosis is the place if mind between being perfectly awake or perfectly asleep. We consider this the 180 degrees or steps of hypnotic deepening.

Another way of explaining hypnosis as a state of mind is that it is a heightened state of subconscious focus and receptivity, or suggestibility, in which the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed state. This heightened state of receiving new ideas is mostly because in the state of hypnosis the subconscious is uninhibited by the critical areas of the mind. 

The state of hypnosis itself is super relaxing!! While under this super physically relaxing state while the subconscious mind remains very alert and receptive to positive suggestions for change. Contrary to what many believe you aren’t “out cold” or asleep. You are very physically relaxed yet focused while in the state of hypnosis. People often refer to hypnosis as feeling part asleep but awake with heightened connection to their senses. Others explain it as a deep day dreamy like state where you can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while consciously being without distraction.

Clearing up a Myth!!! —

Hypnosis is a tool used to bypass the critical analysis areas of your mind so that the suggestions can be accepted into the subconscious mind and then incorporated into a new “automatic” behavior. While hypnosis is used for very effectively for personal growth a hypnotherapist cannot ever make you do something outside of your own will.