• Anthony Torres of Your Turn Hypnosis has completely changed my life. He is truly one of a kind and one of the best in his field. His work has dramatically changed how I feel and operate. I sought him out to help me with my confidence for auditions and other areas of my acting career and got so much more. We got to the root of my issues and replaced my old self sabotaging habits with new and healthy patterns. I no longer carry all the weight of my past and am making great strides in my career. Anthony Torres is a dedicated and passionate professional with a heart of gold. I strongly recommend his work if you’re ready to turn everything around. – Jessica Joan

  • Anthony helped me through the most traumatic experience of my life 8 months ago. Something that seemed like the end of the world for me actually became the catalyst for all of the healing I had been cultivating for myself for years. The gifts and wisdom Anthony gave to me have carried on in my everyday life since. My sessions at Your Turn Hypnosis were so powerful that once certain things clicked in my brain, it was a natural path that unfolded in front of me, each choice being a clear conscious choice from then on. i was reminded of my own power and ability to love myself, and realize my true healing abilities for others as well. I am forever grateful. – Lindsay T

  • Whether you are struggling with PTSD, quitting smoking or just want to elevate your life and need a lil push to help achieve your goals, Anthony is just the person to help you do that. I went to Anthony for immediate help in some areas of life I was struggling. I got more than I expected and now I see him periodically just to get that lil push to achieve some lofty life goals. It’s crazy to think how powerful his techniques really are in making positive and dramatic life changes. – Jeff Bryne

  • Anthony’s work is amazing. I endured a few traumatic experiences back to back which threw me into depression. A friend recommended his services. I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy but I was desperate to get back to being happy again so I said what the heck I have nothing to lose only gain. And sure enough, I scheduled 3 appointments (3 weeks) and WOW. All I can say is I’m glad I listened to my friend. He did an amazing job with me and my particular situation. I’ll definatley be back and I would and have recommended him to other. – Jessica S

Hypnosis, apart from what many people think, is a very normal day to day experience we all are hard wired for automatically. Hypnosis is like a version of that thousand-yard stare you get after a long hard days’ work. We Hypnotherapist refer to that as Environmental Hypnosis.

The state of hypnosis is the place if mind between being perfectly awake or perfectly asleep. We consider this the 180 degrees or steps of hypnotic deepening.

Another way of explaining hypnosis as a state of mind is that it is a heightened state of subconscious focus and receptivity, or suggestibility, in which the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed state. This heightened state of receiving new ideas is mostly because in the state of hypnosis the subconscious is uninhibited by the critical areas of the mind.

The state of hypnosis itself is super relaxing!! While under this super physically relaxing state while the subconscious mind remains very alert and receptive to positive suggestions for change. Contrary to what many believe you aren’t “out cold” or asleep. You are very physically relaxed yet focused while in the state of hypnosis. People often refer to hypnosis as feeling part asleep but awake with heightened connection to their senses. Others explain it as a deep day dreamy like state where you can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while consciously being without distraction.

Clearing up a Myth!!! --

Hypnosis is a tool used to bypass the critical analysis areas of your mind so that the suggestions can be accepted into the subconscious mind and then incorporated into a new “automatic” behavior. While hypnosis is used for very effectively for personal growth a hypnotherapist cannot ever make you do something outside of your own will.


Anthony Torres C. Ht. Bio

The best way to describe Anthony as a Hypnotherapist – Truly dedicated to the results of his clients! With the last 10 years of a full-time clinical practice in the Hypnotherapeutic arts, Anthony has amassed a staggering amount of firsthand experience in applying his talents for helping his client. When considering he has had a general practice, he has helped clients of a vast array of presenting issues which has allowed for a confidence to help whomever may need it, in that it falls within the spectrum of vocational or avocational self-improvement, development and growth.

Anthony is an honors graduate of HMI, Hypnosis Motivation Institute. HMI is located in Tarzana, California and is the country’s first accredited vocational college for Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis Motivation Institute is considered one of the very best trainings in the World for Hypnotherapists. Although his training and yearly professional experience speaks for itself, Anthony is steadily renewing, brushing up and strengthening what he knows while also expanding his studies and capabilities to help his clients.

Anthony’s style of Hypnotherapy is traditional Kappas based style of Hypnotherapy incorporating suggestive patterns which reflect the principles of Emotional & Physical Suggestibility and Outward behavior.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist Anthony operates intuitively, either more maternal or paternal as necessary and most effective and he is a believer in going into each session with a very sincere simple wholehearted desire to be truly helpful! And from there, Listen and ask the correct questions in the correct way, while listening very closely. From the diagnostic standpoint of being a Hypnotherapist Anthony is very interactive in joining in with and jogging with his clients through every angle of looking at the situation for collective understanding. Rather than just purely listening objectively or overly asserting his subjective views and knowledge he attempts to literally exhaust every way of viewing the matter at hand, and the solutions available, so that two things can be accomplished – that both of us are clearly aligned and understand the problems cause and origin and that we are both on the same page and understand what the *Best solution is and how to achieve it.

Before graduating from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Anthony had dedicated his entire 20’s to the studies of the Mind, Consciousness, Nutrition/ fasting, Alternative Healing arts and Spiritual development.

With over 15k hours clinical experience as a Hypnotherapist Anthony is confidently looking forward to helping you if you happen to have a chance to work together.