Post Session Directions

After a session, it is important that the client soaks in a warm Epsom salt bath for 10 to 20 minutes, no longer than 20 minutes.

Post Treatment Integration

One of the most unique aspects of the Angel healing work is the way in which the healings get stronger and more complete as the weeks move forward, without the need for reinforcement treatments. That is very different than many of your other healing arts modalities where the client hits the peak of efficacy of the treatment, typically during the treatment. That lasting for a few days to a week before the process needs to be reinforced.

This being the reason why when working with clients in a series of treatments, the treatments be spread out with a month apart or more. This isn’t of necessity and a client can work on multiple themes in a back to back weeks type of manner. But it requires that the client is able to keep a reflective eye on the theme that is being internally unearthed and shifted and worked on etherically, by way of their Angels during and post session. This being so that the client is doing their part to follow the advice and make the supporting changes in their Mind.

How the treatments integrate following the session varies depending upon the nature of the presenting issue that was addressed. Some clients have an extremely smooth and rapid integration of the healing by way of the Angels, post treatment. While some other clients have more of a challenging time for the weeks following the session. The nature of a clients experience, after the treatment, will be depending on if the presenting issue that their Angels have brought up is something that the client has had buried deeply in layers of denial, or have established as hard lined attitudes or stances that they are righteously holding onto as defense mechanisms or survival mechanisms.

Does everything that is addressed in the treatment remain in a healthy state?

The focal point of this entire process in working with the Angels, for guidance in gaining diagnostic understanding, from their view of your field, to understand how that is affecting the health of your body and life processes boils all back down to one thing – *Consciousness – or otherwise put how the client is using their conscious mind free will thinking.

Therefore, the nature of the healings fully integrating and remaining healthy depends on the client heeding the advice that was given as to what areas of their thinking require a shift on their part and a change of stance/ disposition.  

After the treatments, sometimes a client can experience a bit of a rocky road. This is often during the treatment when things have been brought up which have been buried under the rug, so to speak, for a long time. Regardless of the more challenging integrations, clients Angels will help ensure it is gentle as possible, and the difficult patches usually only last for brief waves that get lesser in degree as the healing integrates.

Each client is given written instructional handout on reflective exercises that can help to support the healing after the treatment and ensure that everything is going as smoothly as possible.