Angels have been closely guiding me through some of the most insane perilous situations since I was born. Being born in Venice Beach California of a single runaway Mom in her early 20’s, addicted to heroin and a victim of the then booming crack/ cocaine epidemic on the streets of Los Angeles at the time. My Mother was incredibly loving, and I was everything to her, yet her heart was broken from her generational wounds with her Father. Her demons of addiction had her behaving like a heathen on a mad women’s mission. I was there by her side until she had to throw in the towel around 5 years old and my Aunt & Uncle agreed to step in.

As a boy I was very introverted and shut down from the challenges of my first 5 years. At around 7 years old I was depressed deeply. This being after having an extremely challenging childhood, as mentioned. One day I remember it being the first time I contemplated not wanting to be alive and what followed was what I now see as my first occurrence with a Guardian Angel, from which I heard a voice say “Tony this isn’t the end of your life”. I remember moving forward from that day and still to this day, even after going through a very challenging life following, I still to this day have never had another desire to not be alive.

I was raised in the Methodist Christian Church where I had a strong foundation of learning spiritually and it helped me cultivate the desire to learn more. At 11 years old while visiting my Grandmother once she took me to a bookstore and had me pick out any book I would like and the one that I gravitated to and wanted was a book by Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. This was a quite advanced book for my 11-year-old mind but I remember being obsessed with it and reading it through even if I could not understand all of the words being used. As I grew I remember being very thirsty for understanding and really enjoying the Church (other than when guilt was used heavily in the sermon, that really did not sit well with me, because I already had a guilt complex as a child ).  

I especially I remember wanting to know what came before God The Creator, what Created God, it was mind-bending to me, and still is that One question, in sorts that remains a beautiful mystery, what was before God in the beginning of existence?  .. And was there even a beginning when it comes to God?.. A question I have since concluded; some questions do not have an answer… and while knowing The Creators Love in my heart, I am fine with not knowing that answer.

Nonetheless, Christianity had a major influence on me and I very much so resonated with the expressing of God as The Father. This is something that I was able to find a connection and solution to regardless of whether it was because I never had a biological Father or if it was because I was estranged from my biological Mother also. Being raised in the Christian Church very much helped me to establish my core connection to understanding God as the maker of All and as a Father figure and emotionally that is something that helped me. It was later in my life where I learned the truths within Christianity and how it applies to our Soul and connection to The Creator of All in Love and Spirit, as Its child.  

As my life proceeded forward into my teens, into the early 90’s, I took the runaway path and took the paths of the streets. This is where I became a designer drug dealer. This was coupled with a mean addiction to methamphetamines mixed with a combination of everything else, except cocaine & heroin. I was shown another very dramatic firsthand experience of the difference between the forces of Light & Darkness, in existence. On one occasion I experienced, firsthand, within me, an Angel remove a dark spirit that had entered me and was proposing all sorts of madness within my headspace. To say the least this situation was soul shatteringly out there and is the first time I ever heard a dark spirit in my field and as well is the first time I had ever seen an Angel with my eyes open. Once I was in prayer and pleading for help, this Light appeared as a bright white light and proceeded to save my Soul light, from this thing, is the best way I can put it, looking back on it.

These were followed by a few other varying experiences that helped me deeply reinforce my relationship to, and allegiance to God and my Holy Spirit & the Christ within. Even though I was living the lifestyle of a psychopath drug dealer, high out of my mind, I preserved a connection to the remembrance within my heart, that I loved God & that God loved me.

By 20 I was looking at 30 years in prison for my 3rd strike drug offense in a matter of 4 ½ years. Upon my final arrest I asked God to please help me change my life, and by 21, I had made a 180-degree turn. I had left the world of the streets and changed my life to studies of The Creator, our inner nature and how to heal my body through nutrition, fasting and natural foods.

I began to exercise awareness and question the values I had created around the lifestyle I once found so much security and identity in and the reasons why I was there in the first place. I put my priorities into alignment with achieving simple peace and growth of spirit. A humbler road of learning, growing closer to my Creator and getting healthy.

My 20’s were all about teacher after unique teacher and influences on my advancement. By trade I was a vegetarian chef and I waited tables at vegan restaurants while training and studying the healing arts also.

Through this time period I was celibate and was deep into studies about Christ and as well other things pertaining to Old religions pre-Christianity texts and materials on advanced nutritional healing. I had many teachers enter my field whom taught me about the healing arts and or whom turned me onto works by people such as Carl Jung and Ernest Holmes as well as A Course In Miracles. I had enough of a foundation at an early age to be able to read, integrate and harmonize all of these studies within my earlier established Christian foundation.

This is also when I met the two people who would eventually become my final teachers in my mid 30’s. While working at a Vegan Raw food restaurant, in Atlanta Georgia, called Sprout Café, I met my mentors of The Angels, while they were holding a demo at the restaurant one night. If you haven’t read the Origins section of the site feel free to click here and you can read more about them. After there demo I came up to Anne and said that I was really into their message and process and explained about the experiences I had with entities as a teen, and she so gracefully looked at me and said “just call on your Angels and allow them into your life for healing”, it ignited something that left an impression on me for 15 years since. After that moment I cannot explain what began happening to me but later that night when I took the Epsom Salt bath she instructed me to take, I began a healing process that was completely unexplainable and which lasted for 2 days. Once this 2 days was done, I felt like a baby who had been fresh out of the womb and really raw and gentle in my heart. This supported all of the other processes that God had set me forth towards and it as well spurred me to keep in touch with Peter & Anne Selby, virtually every year for 15 years after until we were reunited under different circumstances on the west coast and they finally held their first class.

By 29 I had moved back to California and was gladly transitioning out of the healthy food industry as a chef over into completing my studies in the healing arts. I joined Hypnosis Motivation Institute in 2008. By 2009 I had graduated with honors and had exited my college graduation with a full-time practice. Delightedly I grew and expanded at rate that was almost alarming. By the 1 ½ year mark I had become a professional in the healing arts, yet my practice came to a strange slow suddenly, my first ever. This brought me to reasonable concern and worry. The next experience I had was the most profound experience on a supernatural level, that I have ever experienced, and that stands to this day the most influencing and guiding internal experiences of my life.

On my 33rd birthday, I was offered a gift session from my college mentor Kristine Klung. She had arranged a hypnotherapeutic process from me, oriented around inner child work. This was maybe the 14th time in my life up to that point that I had been into the state of hypnosis for therapeutic work on the mind/emotions. Once I enter the state of Hypnosis everything begins normal as usual. Krisitine is beside me going through her hypnotherapeutic process to my right and the next thing that happens is I begin feeling waves of energy starting at my feet moving all the way up my body to my head. Wave after wave, which seems to be quite nourishing to the state.

The next thing I experience is both Kristine’s voice tunes out and a being dressed in a golden yellowish robe, white longer hair, wings and eyes of Suns appeared in my field of vision, with me sitting there with my eyes closed in the state of Hypnosis. And it said “Hello, my name is Azrael, I have come here today to tell you not to worry, that we have been preparing you for very important work and that everything was going to be fine” … and next thing I saw was the sequence of teachers that had been brought into my life leading up to that point. This process lasted for about 3 to 5 minutes, but it felt like an hour. For the next little bit I remember just observing this Angel Azrael and attempting to look directly into his eyes, but being stopped from doing so for some reason. The eyes looked as if they were 2 Suns, so it makes sense I shouldn’t be looking directly into them, in hindsight.

Nothing else was verbally expressed by Azrael and shortly thereafter I was being counted out of the state of Hypnosis. With tears rolling down my cheeks, the first thing I did was explain to Kristine what had just happened while I was in the state of hypnosis, to her utter surprise.

The next thing I needed to discover was is there really an Angel named Azrael. So I was going to an health food store after named Erowhan and at the time, Erowhan had a smoothie/ juice/ tea bar located inside where all of the locals would come hang out. There on that bar, while I was charging my cell phone and getting a smoothie, there was a small book about Angels and immediately the first thing I look up is Azrael and sure enough !!!! There was and is an Angel named Azrael and it is the Angel of Death(? Say what lol?) yes at first, I was like whoa and then I continued to read further and discovered he is as well the patron Angel of counselors and guides those who help the grieving of families from past away loved ones. Me being a therapist this made sense and I busted out into an interesting form of tears.

From there I got my smoothie and enjoyed the rest of my Birthday. I never thought about the comment Azrael had made that day about the work they had been preparing me for. I figured it was pertaining to up to that point and becoming a professional Hypnotherapist with a successful career.

I continued forward in my career and it was maybe a year and a half later when I saw a flier at a bookstore for my teachers Peter & Anne Selby who were going to be in Los Angeles doing demonstrations of the work with the Angels. I immediately took note and reached out to them and told them I would be coming to that demo.

When I showed up I was honestly nervous and excited. Upon seeing Peter & Anne it had been so long but we were able to speak and catch up a little in the brief amount of time we had before the demonstration was to begin. The demonstration with Peter & Anne went great and then I signed up to do a treatment with them the next day.

Upon seeing them the following morning, many things were revealed by the Angels in the treatment. Peter at one point in the treatment said “You will be learning this work” – that’s when it all clicked and made sense, based in the visit that I had gotten from Archangel Azrael on my 33rd birthday. Nothing was expressed about them teaching a class and up to that point they still had never taught the work in a workshop form.

The treatment concluded and I went about my day in Los Angeles. Shortly after there trip to Los Angeles, Peter & Anne contacted me and informed me that they would be teaching their first intensive level class / workshop and that I was invited up to Oregon to take the class! I was elated! At the time I wasn’t sputtering a little bit in my hypnotherapy career and money was low, but nothing was going to keep me from getting up to Sisters Oregon for those classes!!

The time came around for the workshop and it was the time of year that was still cold up there. I remember flying into Portland Oregon and renting a Ford Mustang to get up to Sisters. There was snow on the road and it was treacherous driving conditions, but nothing was going to keep me from getting there to that 13 day class.  

The workshop went great and I was able to advance into a very useable elementary level understanding of the work. But having an established client base in the healing arts allowed me the ability to offer the modality to my clients as an option and as well allowed me the opportunity to grow in real time, with firsthand clients, from the beginning. The modality itself is so vast that if you were to wait until you understand every facet of it, you would never begin, especially considering that the modality involves all the diagnostic compartments that it does.

Throughout all of this time, I must admit that although I was being guided very closely  in the unfolding of my acumen in my abilities of my work in the healing arts, I was personally not in a place of united devotion and inner practice to The Creator on any regular basis. I was very much in a worldly state of mind. I was operating like a workhorse, and yes in service to others mindset. But this being with a centralized focus on growing in ability and professional success.

My heart had wandered from my connection within to The Creator at one point. I even got involved the entirely wrong crowd while trying to make supplemental money during a few of my financial dips in the early years of building my private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist. I was on course in many ways, but flailing off course in many ways also. That all changed in 2016 when I received the call home and received the Spirit of God upon my heart.

From 2012 to 2016 I built my understanding of working with the Angels and advanced my experience momentously a few of those years. I also simultaneously went through a difficult break-up with my girlfriend and had a blotched dental procedure which almost took my life by way of my blood getting poisoned. It was beautiful and terrifying times all wrapped up into one.

Leading up to September there were many kinks I was working out in my personal life. Life challenges mixed with tremendous growth in watching how the Angels were working and unfolding the work more and more. Specifically, I was watching how the Angels were able to work collaboratively in new ways, I had not learned in my original training, through them using my understanding as a Hypnotherapist and of the subconscious mind and ways for them to express more diagnostically about what was going on with the clients.

As the years have continued to move forward, we are still growing the modality in ways which reflect a greater and greater understanding of all the ways in which they can communicate, guide and assist. It is truly an honor to be a steward of this work and to help in the process of Its unfolding to help others.