Applications and Uses

Although we make no claims, this consciousness-clearing work we do with the guardian angels, typically promotes healing of many challenges including the following: extensive physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relationship issues. 

In my ten years of working with the angels I have seen them bring up and address many various themes, areas of life, behaviors, beliefs, karmas and unresolved emotional conflicts as well as patterns that have been existing within the client’s life for all different amounts of time. The issues the angels locate and communicate about, in regard to clients presenting issues, is on a level of massively heightened perspective, to say the least. This is a perspective that the best human healers or the most objectively self-aware clients could never measure up to fully. 

We have found that guardian angels are able to see the human condition from a level that is able to show the presenting issue, the trunk of the problem, as well as all of the branches of other areas the problem has spread into, negatively affecting. The angels are then able to lead the understanding of the problem back to its origin, while also showing any supporting insights that detail the area for healing, more clearly. The angels are uncanny and universal class in their ability to show the root cause of issues that have been bothering people for sometimes their whole entire life. 

The angels are able to understand a person's life challenges in alignment with the reality of their soul’s karmas, life necessities, and The Creator's Will for them. When considering this it is truly amazing the scope and perspective from which they are able to see things and express how they’d like to help the person. 

The angels are able to show all compromising behaviors fueled by unresolved emotions and fears. As well as the angels are able to reveal and bring to our awareness limiting emotional blocks and conflicts that are acting in a destructive manner within the person's emotional self. But beyond the ability of the angels to show behavior and their root cause, they also bring attention to the astral and physical body ramifications of these. The angels show the astral equivalency, or consequences, from peoples misuse of thought and actions, and if any entities have potentially attracted and anchored into the client’s field of consciousness. Entities of all different forms and types are attracted to very specific frequencies of emotions and thoughts. The presence of karmically attracted entities causes interences and other imbalances or deficiencies in people's energy anatomy/system, and they as well consume large portions of the flow of one’ Source Light. From there the angels show how all of this causes the physical body to become compromised in various potential ways. 

Our whole overall health is part of his chain reaction where our negative behaviors/thoughts/emotions affect the astral/auric field and the health of the body. The physical body is the direct platform and grounding for the subtle aspects of one's emotional, mental, creative and soul dimensions of Self. The constrictions in range of motion in the physical body is able to show a completely consistent and measurable correlation to the issues that are being shown as relevant for healing in the client’s field.



  • Fears, worries, anxieties and the correlating entities those attract
  • Imbalances in giving or receiving in various ways
  • Clearing projections from other people's perceptions or views affecting clients view of themself
  • Emotional imbalances 
  • Curses and hexes- self induced, and from others
  • Ghosts present by way of unresolved conflict - adult & fetal
  • Entities and the consciousness/ behaviors they have attracted into by way of magnetic resonance: demons, reptilians, archon aliens, astral snakes 
  • Removal of elementals - sylphs, salamanders, undines, and or trolls
  • Dissociations and related trauma fields
  • Soul fragment retrieval due to displacements or dissociations into other realms by way of this life or the past
  • Weakened or deficient areas of ones energy system: chakras, planetary areas of consciousness, soul/mind/body parts
  • Obstructions of the central channel blocking Source Light due to astral entientities and unresolved areas of consciousness 
  • Emotional fields: anger, worry, frustration & spirits of emotions
  • Tubes and or cords between unhealthy relationships
  • Limiting beliefs and expectations
  • Boundary issues
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Survival ruses or manipulation
  • Unhealthy physical body parts/ organs
  • Recurring disempowering patterns/cycles
  • Rumination / Circular problem consciousness 
  • Lust and its associated entities
  • physical health issues and various physiology physiological imbalances being caused by soul/mental/emotional unresolved dysfunctions or astral entities
  • Self condemnation/ guilt
  • Survival fear anxiety