Angel Therapy/Clearing/Healing sessions are done in person, or can as well be done just as effectively remotely via Zoom, Skype, or Whatsapp.

 A full session usually takes between 1 ½  and  2 ½  hours.

Pre-treatment information

It is preferred to go into the first session without a pre-intent for the direction of the session. 9 ¾ times out of 10 the things that the angels bring up to the surface for helping with are the exact things the client was wanting to have addressed.

Going into scheduling your first session, please don't tell me about your presenting issues. It's best I not be led by my client's personal views of your problem at hand, the Angels know what the outermost and pressing layers of your onion is, and I like to stay objective.

*Additional explanation of how I assist Angels in this work

- The way a treatment with the Angels works by way of first eliciting the client's permission and invitation.

- Next, through prayerful invocation (calling forward) of the client's connection to The Creator and the Angels, we gain access to their diagnostic guidance.

- Through revealing the Angels show things unresolved in the 'shadow' within the mind/ field of consciousness. This brings the specific theme of the treatment into awareness.

- From there I gain confirmation from the Angel's and will then proceed to express those details to you.

- Once I explain the diagnosis revealing to you in detail, I then ask your permission for The Creator and the Angels to clear those things and begin the healing.

- I will then work with you to come to terms with more healthy ways to approach the particular theme coming up for your healing so as to not recreate the mess, post treatment.


Expect the most relevant areas or themes in need of healing in your life to be shown during the angel guided scan. From there, with your invitation, the angels initiate then integrate the healing of all mentioned things that were brought up during the discovery scan and revealing.  

After the session, you can expect the processes and areas of life highlighted and addressed in the session to show transformative growth and progress in your external day to day experiences regarding those areas and aspects of life. This being especially that you support the healing through following the advice given regarding shifting your past attitudes, perceptions, thinking, and decisions that initially caused the dysfunctions. 

It is important that my clients do their part to keep their consciousness clean from recreating the original problem or negative patterns that were brought to awareness and are being addressed by the angels.


Angels are not only messengers but healers. Having bestowed increased awareness, they compassionately assist to heal and usher a person's healing to grow supportively. When they are invited by those they assist (they respect your Will), Angels can powerfully help, instantaneously and over time, to restore health to the Spirit-Soul-Mind- Emotions-Body connection of the client..

The general step by step outline of an Angel Healing is as such

  • Fill out intake forms
  • Explain Angel healing for a short time
  • Pre-session internal processes of prayer to The Creator and taking a moment to bring up Love within our hearts.
  • Asking permission / invitation from the client for permission to be guided by God & the Angels for the process
  • Gain permission to call clients Angels forward and down into the process for the diagnostic scan and to begin the treatment
  • Call the Angels and clients connection to The Creator of All down for purposes of receiving guidance pertaining to the client. What the Angels want to show is coming up for the clients healing.
  • Proceed with the diagnostic scan of the clients field of consciousness
  • Confirm and record what the Angels are showing
  • Explain it to the client in clear detail, what is being shown in the scan of their field
  • Make sure we are all on the same page as to the theme that is coming up for healing
  • Once the scan is complete the results are explained to our clients. They then have the ability to express how the information relates to their external day-to-day manifestations, patterns and life experiences.
  • Go into the healing of all relevant themes by way of asking the clients permission time and time again for each individual part that has shown existing in the field of the client.
  • Follow up treatment instructions for supporting the integration of the healing.


ORANGE COUNTY- 3151 Airway Avenue #L1 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

SANTA MONICA2001 S Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca. 90025 

LOS ANGELES - 9061 Crescent Drive, Los Angeles, 90046


Tuesday, Thursday, & occasionally Saturdays from 11am - 10pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 11am - 10pm

Post Session Directions

  • After a session is completed before you go to sleep, it is advised to soak in an Epsom salt bath (2 cups of epsom salt in hot water)  for 15 to 20 minutes
  • The healing initiates a one to three month period (sometimes longer depending on the theme) of healing integration where the angels gently yet completely integrate the process.. 
  • It is suggested to read and review your session intake form, and or listen to your session recording, a few times a week for the first 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment. This allows you to ensure you are consciously aware of the details of the treatment and ways you may need to be doing your part in supporting the process through changes in thinking or actions.

Please click here for full post session directions.

Appointment & Cancellation Policy

I understand that unanticipated events can occur in everyone’s life. However, I do require that you contact me and let me know if you are not able to keep your appointment.

If you need to cancel an appointment, it is optimal if you can give me at least a 24 hour’s notice. 

As well, please call if you are running late.

Should the practitioner cancel or fail to provide services, we will offer you a complimentary treatment and provide make-up services within two weeks of missed appointment.

Late Arrival Policy

As a courtesy to our other clients, we regret that late arrivals are not guaranteed extensions of scheduled appointments. When our schedule allows, we may be able to accommodate a partial or full appointment. This will be at our discretion and only with proper, advanced notification of your late arrival.