• Anthony Torres of Your Turn Hypnosis has completely changed my life. He is truly one of a kind and one of the best in his field. His work has dramatically changed how I feel and operate. I sought him out to help me with my confidence for auditions and other areas of my acting career and got so much more. We got to the root of my issues and replaced my old self sabotaging habits with new and healthy patterns. I no longer carry all the weight of my past and am making great strides in my career. Anthony Torres is a dedicated and passionate professional with a heart of gold. I strongly recommend his work if you’re ready to turn everything around. – Jessica Joan

  • Anthony helped me through the most traumatic experience of my life 8 months ago. Something that seemed like the end of the world for me actually became the catalyst for all of the healing I had been cultivating for myself for years. The gifts and wisdom Anthony gave to me have carried on in my everyday life since. My sessions at Your Turn Hypnosis were so powerful that once certain things clicked in my brain, it was a natural path that unfolded in front of me, each choice being a clear conscious choice from then on. i was reminded of my own power and ability to love myself, and realize my true healing abilities for others as well. I am forever grateful. – Lindsay T

  • Whether you are struggling with PTSD, quitting smoking or just want to elevate your life and need a lil push to help achieve your goals, Anthony is just the person to help you do that. I went to Anthony for immediate help in some areas of life I was struggling. I got more than I expected and now I see him periodically just to get that lil push to achieve some lofty life goals. It’s crazy to think how powerful his techniques really are in making positive and dramatic life changes. – Jeff Bryne

  • Anthony’s work is amazing. I endured a few traumatic experiences back to back which threw me into depression. A friend recommended his services. I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy but I was desperate to get back to being happy again so I said what the heck I have nothing to lose only gain. And sure enough, I scheduled 3 appointments (3 weeks) and WOW. All I can say is I’m glad I listened to my friend. He did an amazing job with me and my particular situation. I’ll definatley be back and I would and have recommended him to other. – Jessica S

Angel healing is a physical, mental, emotional, soul healing modality done through Angels, guardian Angels and Archangels through practitioners who have been trained to invoke and communicate with the Angelic realm in order to view another person’s field of consciousness (aka Aura) upon being invited to do so by a client. Through Angel Healing, Angels use the body of the practitioner clairkinesthetically in order to direct the focus of the third eye to aspects in a client’s field of consciousness that represent mental, emotional, physical and spiritual misalignments, blockages and deficiencies. Once the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual aspects of a person’s being which are ready for healing have been shown, the Clairvoyant Angelic healer will explain the symbolism shown through the Angelic communication in regards to what everything means and the healing of all things will proceed with the clients permission and invitation.

Angels are beings who have been given the right to existence, just as you have. But not the you that is physical, the You as your Spirit/Mind. They are created Beings, by way of The Creator of All. They are not created by the mythological or imaginative mind of Man on Earth.

Angels are Beings of an Immortal & All-Wise nature and they have their life and existence in the innermost perfection of Beingness. Angels are of Gods Being and only vary in degree according to responsibility and classification, which holds zero scale of greater than or lesser than importance. The only thing being different amongst them is their duty, prescribed purpose and function, thus given by The Creator.

The Angels that I am working with during our work, are guardian Angels of the client, primarily. As well as any and all other Holy Archangels that would be helpful to work with, on a situational basis, for supporting the healing process.

The Human field of Consciousness is a surrounding, multi-layered, biophotonic storage facility, containing all your personal thoughts, emotions, desires, karmas and reactions – that make you, You!

This field of consciousness contains your physical body as well. Some people refer to the Human Field of Consciousness as the Aura. Within the human field of consciousness, we have the sum total collection and disposition of your character, personality and Self both that you show the world, as well as the self that you don’t show the World or that you keep personal.

Think of your field of consciousness as the layers of oneself stacked one on top of the other, or like pages of a book being layers of body. Within the human field, there being 5 separate bodies that hold and store information about you in various subtly varying expressions of yourself.

The layers of the Human field of consciousness can be thought of as being comprised of a Soul layer, attributed to the element of Ethyr. Then there is the Mental layer, which is attributed to Air. We next have the Creative (Causal) layer, which is attributed to the element of Firs. Following is the Emotional layer, associated with the element of Water… and to round out the layers of Self which comprise the human field of consciousness is the Physical layer, associated with Earth. Each of these layers of Self having their own unique field of ongoing and influence on the human condition and temperament.

The human field of consciousness also has, so to speak, zones. Each of these zones represents a unique reflection of a person’s thinking and process of consciousness. There being 5 zones of the human field of consciousness.

There are as well realms, within the field of consciousness. Specifically, in accordance to the work the Angels have inspired, there being 6 realms that they refer to, in order to express ongoing relevant in one’s field of consciousness.

Within a given treatment with a clients Angels, they may or may not refer to one or more of the placements of the field, if necessary in referring to them pertaining to the information they are presenting about the clients process.

Anthony Torres Bio

Anthony is a committed and caring Soul. Grateful to assistant The Creator & The Angels. As an Angel healer and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Anthony has 18 years of training and experience. As someone who has dedicated his life to his field, he represents his craft with dedication to excellence with intricacy.

He lives to help people sincerely and authentically, and he has been designed to do so.  

Anthony’s first encounters with the Angels began at 7 years old when he discovered the ability to hear them speak. Throughout his life growing up through his teens into his 30’s, Anthony has experienced very detailed first-hand encounters with Angels and Archangels through sight and hearing which led to his developing interest in working with the Angelic realm to assist in the helping of others.

In addition to working with Holy Guardian Angels and Archangels, Anthony has also been decades long student/teacher of A Course in Miracles and The Science of Mind.
Anthony has established more than 15,000 hours of clinical experience throughout a 10-year full-time professional practice as a Hypnotherapist and Healing Artist.

Anthony’s dedication to expanding his craft continues to grow and strengthen, year after year and that continues,

Anthony is an honors graduate from the first accredited school for hypnotherapy in the country, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.