This is a book containing knowledge of The Creator of All and Cosmic Consciousness. This material contains the collected works of an elder teacher of wisdom in existence, an Ascended Being named Josiah Osuagwu - The Cosmic Son.  Within this manuscript are also notes and additions from his student, Anthony Torres. The pages within contain undeviating knowledge and wisdom given through direct revealings from The Creator of All to Josiah about the nature of The Creator, which is the centerpiece of this book, found in the chapter titled - 'The Cosmic IAM.' As well, within this collection is the 'Meditation system for reuniting with The Creator of All,' 'Petition, Proclamation & Prayer to The Creator for Guidance,' and other assorted writings on Cosmic Consciousness and Conscious Cosmic Citizenship.

This is a crucially important manuscript for all students and seekers on the path of the sacred immortal, cosmic consciousness, reunion with The Creator, spiritual awakening, and wisdom. The intention and capacity of this work is to help you gain knowledge of The Creator of All and the recognition of your immortal Self. May this collection of works assist you in reuniting with The Creator, for living your existence in a sovereign, eternal, unalienated communion and communication with the Mother Father Birth Being of your immortal essence and that which you truly are.

Josiah Osuagwu was born in 1935 in the village of Umunachi-Obowo, Nigeria. Josiah was prophesied as a spiritual leader by his tribe in Nigeria before his birth. In 1961 he arrived in the U.S., where he studied at Indiana State College, graduating in 1964, later going on to attend an undergraduate program at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating, rather than following a worldly career, he instead became dedicated to a life of the knowledge and wisdom of existence, with the desire to know of and discover The Creator of All.

Josiah's spiritual pursuits began in 1966, but it would be during 1977-78 that he would be guided into revelation, knowledge, and wisdom by and of The Creator of All. He would go on to begin a ministry of Cosmic Consciousness, teaching others where he would refer to The Creator of All as 'The Cosmic IAM,' It was during this time that Josiah taught students on the physical plane for around fifteen years.