Learn to develope the ability to communicate with The Creator for purposes of Wisdom in decision making. I call this the Will of Oneness. Whether this be through developing Clairaudience (spiritual hearing) in prayer to The Creator for communication with the Voice for God / Holy Guardian Angel, or whether this be through learning some form of divination (or having a trained professional who is highly adept with divination), it is important that you're life be in the hands of guided destiny rather than fated.

With this realm being a sort of free for all free will zone combined with the fact that in today's worlf there are so many options, there is a lot of room for making regressive derailing decisions. Some of my greatest progresses came from not making certain decisions.

Wisdom can be defined as the concurrence of decisions made correctly according to The Creators view on life processes and matters for your point & part of It.


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*Where credit is due & I am here to only be humbly helpful:

Working with the Holy Guardian Angel's & Archangels for Soul healing, on the astral level down into physical, is a true responsibility to be taken humbly and to be done in humble edification of the power & glory of The Creator of All and The Angel's only - not the human practitioner helping to facilitate the sessions.
The inner mantra and attitude should always be - I am only here to do my part humbly in being helpful to The Creator almighty and to The Holy Angel's, however is best.

The Angel's have been developing this work for longer than I can explain, and here it is as a gift to be solidified, here on this Earth now.
The original people who Archangel Michael introduced this process to, and who taught me this work, My mentors, have quietly and humbly built the foundations of the modality for 20 years and have done so purposefully without drawing to much attention to it, so as to not getting distracted by droves of people or attention towards them which would take away from their concentrated developmental work with the Angel's towards completion.

In regards to the next 5 to 7 decades of teaching this work (and to the future teachers when I'm gone from here), in Gods willingness, my prayer is that students who want to/ try to take credit for the work or results the Angel's & God do with the clients never be attracted to this work and never learn it. Whether that be because they have a wounded ego, underdeveloped sense of self, significance issues or unhealthy need for glorification..

As well that never attracted are students who are not humbly aware of their true reality as humble Immortal Spirit - one with God.
When coming from the illusory belief and perception that you are a temporal physical human body/ personality, it creates a major divide between yourself and our Maker, in inheritance. That often lends hand to messy spill over into ones intentions coming from a place or percieved human weakness or lack.

My final hope is that I only attract students who know the meaning of collective strength and who don't and who never try to plagiarize the work and create their own spawn in the same way the students from the Reiki community did, which heavily divided and watered down the work.
That is something I pray wholeheartedly to The Creator that this work is protected against and avoided and I'm here making it public now forever, in the early stages of it becoming more visible.

Thank you to the Angel's for this modality for healing and as well thank you all in general for all of your constant guidance and patience. Thank you to The Creator for blessing us with double existence. Our first most existence as Spirit Mind and as well for our 2nd expression of existence here on Earth.
May you all know Gods Love & Will and walk humbly in the Light of your truth. 🙏☀️💖🦉

That is All!

Gold Encompass Angel Healing

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Honored to share as soon as is ready 🙏Extrasensory healing with Angel's workshops / classes on the way.. many branches of this work, its vast the diagnostic reach the Angel's have and all there is to learn!
Looking forward to sharing w whom are called 🙏🦉🌟

Gold Encompass Angel Healing


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Thank you for your services, assistance and guidance Angelic friends brothers and sisters within The Creator 🌟


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