My practice, now named Gold Encompass Health & Wellness - Healing Arts, is an evolution of my healing arts practice. The idea behind the name is to reflect the standard of care and service I am dedicated to bringing to all of my clients, through all of my works.

Over the last twenty years, I have developed in my studies and building of my practice in a way that allows me to be able to help people on all levels of the human being: astral, soul (spiritual), mental, emotional, physical, and as well helping my clients in what they want to create in their lives. I always look to use the correct tools that fit with the areas of most needed development with my clients. 

I focus on being intuitive and communicative about what is the best course of action for each point of the journey together as we work on the presenting issue. I realize that some of my clients are very scientifically minded, and some are more spiritual in nature. Whatever is the best approach for the client and the presenting issue at hand is what will be utilized, and I always make sure it is an intuitively customized experience for you that will be resultative and respectful to your personality type. 


Since a little boy, born in Venice Beach California of a single drug addicted Mother, Anthony knew he wanted to help the people that were sad and broken or upset and make them feel better and be happy. When he was younger, he said he wanted to be helpful and that simple deduction remains supreme as a young professional with 10 years’ experience in the healing arts.

Anthony Torres is a person that cares and operates with professional dedication to excellence and being his best for his clients and the job at hand. He brings more than Fifteen Thousand hours experience into his clients process, and he does so with commitment to their results. 

Anthony lives, breathes and sleeps what he does. It has been his only focus and true obsession since the early age of 21, which is half his entire life. Anthony’s dedication to his studies and craft has been nonstop and sincere and he inspires to bring that to the treatment room with his clients.

Anthony’s most cherished personal attribute is sincere heartedness and being authentic. He is a person that wears his heart on his sleeve and is quite serious in his focused state, which is most of the time.


Anthony was guided into his position through painstaking dedication to studies under the tutelage of mentors and teachers of the most advanced caliber. His first exposure to more advanced topics in the realm of consciousness and the healing arts coming at 11 years old when he purchased his first Edgar Cayce book. From there things propelled forward at 18 when his first experience with the spiritual realm, spirits of a dark & light side, forces and principalities.

Through Anthony’s 20’s he was monk-like in the truest sense. He dedicated every waking hour to his spiritual studies accompanied as well with studies in meditation, nutrition and the eastern healing arts.

Anthony spent most of his 20’s by choice in a vow of celibacy and austerity in his studies, learning under many master teachers and great souls. By the age of 31 he had come to the realization that it was time to become a professional and take his internal progress through his 20’s and continue it into professional training. His natural progression was into Hypnosis Motivation Institute, where he graduated with honors on 2010

Upon his graduating he began a full-time career as a newly budding hypnotherapist in Los Angeles and Orange County. He has since built his practice through more than 7,500 sessions and 10 years of word of mouth referrals.

Since Anthony’s graduation from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute his client base has grown at an accelerated pace in a sustained manner. He attributes his development to prayer,  having some of the best mentors and teachers one could learn from, and to being determined in his heart for helping others -- coming from a sincere place of wanting to be truly helpful to God. 

His process of helping others is an even mix of professionalism and personalism, training and intuitive sensibility. His dedication to others that he has been given to help is of full sincerity, yet awareness of where his professional limitations exist. Every session he approaches like it is his first, and doesn’t take his professional success for granted.

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