Anthony Torres C. Ht. Bio

The best way to describe Anthony as a Hypnotherapist – Truly dedicated to the results of his clients! With the last 10 years of a full-time clinical practice in the Hypnotherapeutic arts, Anthony has amassed a staggering amount of firsthand experience in applying his talents for helping his client. When considering he has had a general practice, he has helped clients of a vast array of presenting issues which has allowed for a confidence to help whomever may need it, in that it falls within the spectrum of vocational or avocational self-improvement, development and growth.

Anthony is an honors graduate of HMI, Hypnosis Motivation Institute. HMI is located in Tarzana, California and is the country’s first accredited vocational college for Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis Motivation Institute is considered one of the very best trainings in the World for Hypnotherapists. Although his training and yearly professional experience speaks for itself, Anthony is steadily renewing, brushing up and strengthening what he knows while also expanding his studies and capabilities to help his clients.

Anthony’s style of Hypnotherapy is traditional Kappas based style of Hypnotherapy incorporating suggestive patterns which reflect the principles of Emotional & Physical Suggestibility and Outward behavior.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist Anthony operates intuitively, either more maternal or paternal as necessary and most effective and he is a believer in going into each session with a very sincere simple wholehearted desire to be truly helpful! And from there, Listen and ask the correct questions in the correct way, while listening very closely. From the diagnostic standpoint of being a Hypnotherapist Anthony is very interactive in joining in with and jogging with his clients through every angle of looking at the situation for collective understanding. Rather than just purely listening objectively or overly asserting his subjective views and knowledge he attempts to literally exhaust every way of viewing the matter at hand, and the solutions available, so that two things can be accomplished – that both of us are clearly aligned and understand the problems cause and origin and that we are both on the same page and understand what the *Best solution is and how to achieve it.

Before graduating from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Anthony had dedicated his entire 20’s to the studies of the Mind, Consciousness, Nutrition/ fasting, Alternative Healing arts and Spiritual development.

With over 15k hours clinical experience as a Hypnotherapist Anthony is confidently looking forward to helping you if you happen to have a chance to work together.