My practice, now named Gold Encompass, is an evolution of my healing arts practice. At one point every branch of my Health & Wellness practice was named a different brand name. My Hypnotherapy practice was originally ‘Your Turn Hypnosis’ and my Healing Arts practice in working with the Angels was first named ‘Eye Angel Eye’, then it was ‘Angel Vision Healing’. My nutrition coaching was named ‘Golden Compass’. From all of this I organized everything down into one brand name ‘Gold Encompass Health & Wellness’. 

Although my professional toolbox is vast in the range of various types of people I can work with and help, I compartmentalize according to what is best for the client’s results.

 I focus on being intuitive and communicative about what is the best course of action for each point of the journey together as we work on the presenting issue. I, as well, realize that some clients are very scientifically based, and some are more spiritual in nature. Whatever is the best approach for the client and the presenting issue at hand is what will be utilized, and I always make sure it is an intuitively customized experience for you that will be resultative and respectful to your personality type. 

Below I speak about the various types of work I have a specialty in and which I use with my clients. 

Within my practice I do some spiritual work, some emotional based work, some mind/ mental based work and as well some physical based work using various disciplines I have more than ten thousand hours experience in. 

The Spiritual based work I do (which also affects all levels of one’s person) is Soul / Consciousness based healing work with Guardian Angels. In working with people’s guardian Angels, we are able to get to the very root core of original thought and cause at the core of the presenting issue and from there, begin allowing new awareness and attitudes about the root cause. 

The Mind / mental based work I do is Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am also a ten-year Master Hypnotherapist, which is a fancy title for someone who can work with you to get new patterns of thought and behavior deeply into your mind body connection for improving your life in some way. This modality can as well be applied to the emotions, the body and the spiritual side of things. I will work with clients for all the typical day to day Hypnotherapy stuff such as fear, phobias, nervousness, weight loss, quit smoking etc. Often, I will employ the state of Hypnosis to deepen the insights and progress that I make with the clients whom I am working with alongside their Angels. 

I have an absolute arsenal of reinforcement tools to get any and all things that are important to you, to the deepest areas of your mind to act as unconscious motivating driving forces within you, assisting your growth, development and transformation. 

Beyond the work I do as a Hypnotherapist and work with Angels, I am also tenacious as a Person and a motivator and know a thing or 20 years’ worth about health & nutrition from a physical body standpoint.

Although we have 20 years in training under Universal class mentors and 10 years full time experience in our field, we humbly (and thankfully) feel like we are in year 1 and just beginning. It is a long beautiful road ahead and we look forward to meeting and working with everyone intended. 

Thank you to all of our day 1 supporters and to all the amazing clients I have had the privilege to learn from and assist. As well to all of the teachers, instructors and Mentors, physical and beyond, Thank YOU!!

To an Amazing next 80 years!!!!!

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Since a little boy, born in Venice Beach California of a single drug addicted Mother, Anthony knew he wanted to help the people that were sad and broken or upset and make them feel better and be happy. When he was younger, he says he wanted to be helpful and that simple deduction still reign supreme as a young professional with 10 years’ experience in the Alternative Healing arts.

Anthony Torres is a person that cares and operates with professional dedication to excellence and being his best for his clients and the job at hand. He brings more than Fifteen Thousand hours experience into his clients process, and he does so with commitment to their results. 

Anthony lives, breathes and sleeps what he does. It has been his only focus and true obsession since the early age of 21, which is half his entire life. Anthony’s dedication to his studies and craft has been nonstop and sincere and he inspires to bring that to the treatment room with his clients.

Anthony’s most cherished personal attribute is sincere heartedness and being authentic. He is a person that wears his heart on his sleeve and is quite serious in his focused state, which is most of the time. 


Anthony was guided into his position through painstaking dedication to studies under the tutelage of mentors and teachers of the most advanced caliber. His first exposure to more advanced topics in the realm of consciousness and the healing arts coming at 11 years old when he purchased his first Edgar Cayce book. From there things propelled forward at 18 when his first experience with the spiritual realm, spirits of a dark & light side, forces and principalities.

Through Anthony’s teens he was a runaway from his Aunts in North Carolina turned big time drug dealer in Atlanta Georgia. Anthony’s delve into the darkest night of the Soul began at age 16 and with it came a nasty Methamphetamine, fun and fast money addiction. Beginning at 18 years of age Anthony was confronted with spiritual trials of his Soul, which he prevailed in Light within Spirit and a stance in Love. 

 All of his early year experiences would be preparing Anthony for having real world human experience and triumphs that would in time be the experiences that he could stand on to help others up and out. 

These early life spiritual experiences would also be preparing him for profound teachers that would eventually be taking him under his wing. This all being the sequence and history gradually leading him to his current modern-day work with healing alongside people’s guardian Angels. 

Through Anthony’s 20’s he was Monk like in the truest sense. He had changed his life 180 degrees and had dedicated his every waking hour to the studies of A Course in Miracles. His training in A Course in Miracles was accompanied as well with studies in meditation, nutrition and eastern healing arts.

Anthony spent his most of his 20’s by choice in a vow of celibacy and austerity in his studies. By 31 he had come to the realization that it was time to become a professional and take his internal progress through his 20’s and continue it into professional training. His natural progression was into Hypnosis Motivation Institute. 

Upon his graduating with honors from HMI he immediately began a full-time career as a newly budding Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

At 33, on his birthday, while receiving a complimentary gifted birthday hypnosis treatment, Anthony had an Angel named Azrael visit him, unbeknownst to him, and off course of the treatment he was receiving. This Angel named Azrael explained to him that they had been preparing him for very important work. 

From the years 2009 to 2012 Anthony worked solely as a clinical hypnotherapist, until he was reunited with teachers, he had met 12 years before in early years in Atlanta. These were his Angel healing mentors and his training began.

Since 2012 Anthony has been working with client’s guardian Angels alongside his active clinical hypnotherapy practice he runs simultaneously. He uses both modalities to super charge his clients progress and results. 

Since Anthony’s graduation from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute his client base has grown at an abnormal pace and has sustained. He attributes that to having some of the best mentors and teachers one could learn from but as well from being determined for others and coming from a place of just wanting to be truly helpful. The process of helping others consistently and effectively is an even mix of professionalism and personalism, training and intuitive sensibility. His dedication to others that he has been given to help is of full sincerity, yet awareness of where his professional limitations exist. Every session he approaches like its his first and doesn’t take his early year professional growth for granted. 

Anthony will work with all of your health care team in order to stay in the fold and the know as to what direction your past therapist and health care providers have guided you in the past in order to know what has worked and what is still necessary. 

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